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Residential Solar Panels Canberra ACT

The local solar panel installers - Canberra

At Solar Panels Canberra, we ensure that qualified solar installation specialists install residential solar panel systems. This is because we believe in meeting all your needs related to solar energy products. Furthermore, our products are custom-designed to match other home appliances.
We are Solar Panels Canberra, a company that strives for providing customers with the best quality equipment at affordable prices while guaranteeing a maximum return on investment (ROI). We have years of experience in this business, and therefore all installations come with our 25-year product warranty. Our reputation speaks for us as we have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Canberra that trust us to solve their power problems through renewable energy technologies like solar panels Canberra.

Solar panels on a roof of a home

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    Solar panel installation Canberra - What you need to know

    Having solar panels installed on your roof will pay for itself through solar savings.
    Solar panels in Canberra are now becoming more affordable, and one would think that with the price dropping, there is no point in having these installed now. However, they can be very helpful, especially if you’re trying to save on electricity bills every month. While you’re still saving up for those new windows or a bigger fridge, why not consider going green? Sunlight is something we have plenty of here in Australia, so why not take advantage of it? The government does provide some incentives for people who go solar, which is a big plus.

    Solar panel installation process and timeline

    The process of installing solar panels is not hard, but there are quite a few steps that you will need to follow to make sure that your solar power system is installed correctly.
    1. Design: The first step should be our design service, where we set up an appointment for one of our qualified representatives to come out and speak with you about the kind of system you want. At this time, we can answer any questions you have, look at your roof space, and give recommendations on what would work best for your home or business.
    2. Permits: Permitting is just like building any other kind of structure on top of your property, so you must get the proper permits before installing anything directly onto your roof- including solar panels. We’ll provide all the necessary paperwork for the permitting process and handle any paperwork with your city or town, but it’s your responsibility as the property owner to get those permits.
    3. Installation: The final step in the solar installation process is having us actually install these new panels on top of your home! We usually do this with a crane and some extra safety precautions just to be on the safe side.

    Solar panels in a roof

    How do I qualify for residential solar power rebate in Canberra ACT

    For you to qualify for rebates in Canberra, your solar power system must have been installed with no rebates available. The government has cracked down on the massive waste of taxpayer dollars used to pay residential solar power rebates in Canberra, ACT, so most people no longer receive any rebates.
    Residential Solar Power Rebate in Canberra ACT If you have already had your solar panels installed, don’t worry. There are still some options for getting additional savings on your energy bill! You might be eligible for a Residential Energy Tax Credit when you file your taxes next year. This credit ranges from 10% – 30% off of what you paid to install the panels, depending on how much money was actually spent.

    A set of solar panels on a roof of a house

    The benefits of going green with renewable energy

    Solar power is renewable energy that can be harnessed in several different ways for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Solar power has many benefits, including environmental benefits, economic benefits, security of supply benefits, etc. As the cost of solar panels is coming down significantly due to advances in technology, more people are choosing to invest in solar power systems for their homes every day.
    A well-known benefit of using renewable energy sources like solar power is that they reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases associated with climate change. As a result of the reduction in emissions from electricity generation due to greater use of renewables, some studies have found that certain regions may experience a smaller rise in surface temperatures during periods when there may be a build-up at the ground level of heat transmission.

    A set of solar panels

    What is the cost of installing solar panels on your home

    The cost of solar panels installation is dependent on many factors. The biggest is probably the size of your home, how much sunlight you get and whether or not you want to sell back any excess power to the grid. While there is no set price for solar panels installation, it can cost anywhere from $5,000 up to the tens of thousands. Many installers will help you decide on what’s best for your situation, so if you’re looking into having these installed, then make sure that you contact a couple of different companies in your area.
    Our solar panels’ installation charges at Solar Panels Canberra are flat rate per system- no matter how big or small. We can handle 6kw systems to home-sized 1kw systems. Other companies may require additional fees if you are only looking into installing a smaller solar power system, but with Solar Panels Canberra, there are no hidden charges.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Solar Panels Canberra, we are dedicated to ensuring not only your satisfaction but that of the environment, too. We believe that sustainability should be a key factor in our everyday lives. This is why we have made certain that every part of our solar panel manufacturing process, from sourcing materials to using environmentally-friendly products during installation and beyond, has been carefully considered through an eco-friendly lens.
    Our vision is to become the leading team members in the Solar Panels Canberra community who can use their skills and expertise to make a difference in this world by revolutionizing the way people create energy at home for a sustainable future.
    At Solar Panels Canberra, we are committed to helping you reduce your household electricity costs by providing top-quality solar panels and other related at affordable rates.


      Solar Panels Canberra Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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